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Savannah Temporary Fully Furnished Apartments & Corporate Relocation Housing

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia's First City, the sultry and mysterious "Belle" of the Georgia coast. Bursting with enchanting charisma and first-class charm, this eccentric Southern city beguiles her guests with splendor, glamour and romance. Founded in 1733, as America's 13th and final colony, Savannah blends elegance and refinement with some Southern sass making this destination an old-world favorite with modern-day charms. Her 21 historic squares, stunning architectural details and Low Country landscape are many of the unique characteristics that make Savannah one of the nation's top travel destinations. Culture, shopping and recreational activities fill Savannah's days while dining, entertainment and romance extends into Savannah's nights. Come and fall in love with the city's hospitality and savor its quirky personality and let Savannah's mystique capture your spirit and entice your heart.

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