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Greenville Temporary Fully Furnished, Extended Stay Apartments & Corporate Relocation Housing

Set in the Piedmont foothills, Greenville combines small-town charm with big-city culture and diversity. First settled in the mid 18th century by Richard Pearis, the town grew up along the Reedy River, whose waterfalls served as an energy source for local mills and factories. Years later, the falls sloughed off their industrial past and now stand as the centerpiece of the newly created Falls Park on the Reedy, a jewel in downtown’s vibrant crown. Spanned by Liberty Bridge – a curving, architectural tour de force suspended on delicate cables – the park is just the latest facet of downtown Greenville’s transformation. Revitalized Main Street, which borders the park, offers a dynamic mix of restaurants, bistros, soda shops, antique stores, art galleries and boutiques. It’s also the setting for the Peace Center for the Performing Arts, whose top-notch cultural events and concerts draw folks from all over the Upstate. Nearby, the Bi-Lo Center accommodates larger, more commercial sport and entertainment offerings. Plus, just a short drive away lies a treasure trove of rugged mountains, trout-filled streams, cascading waterfalls, and other scenic wonders begging to be explored. All of this natural and cultivated charm has not been lost on business, and some of the world’s best-known companies have located their international headquarters in Greenville, including BMW and Michelin. With all of these qualities – a reborn downtown, nature in abundance, vital economic growth – there’s certainly no reason to ask of Greenville, What’s in a name? The color is more than evident.

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